Rutland Leadwork of Stamford deal with all aspects of lead roofing , ornamental leadwork and is also an independent Anglia Water approved plumber. Lead is an excellent material for roof coverings, to cover flat roofs, to line valley gutters and to cover a wide variety of connections between slatework and masonry, chimneys etc.Fine quality leadwork also remains highly prized for its ornamental and practical qualities

The biggest problem with lead sheeting is that it expands and contracts according to temperature. If movement joints are not provided which allow the lead to slide, it will, inevitably suffer stress fractures. Much of the leadwork installed in the past was provided with too few movement joints and, as a result, it tended to fail relatively quickly. Properly designed, lead can last for a century or more.


Bob Marley Fountain Head with Water and Smoke

Bob Marley Fountain Head in Situ
The other key issue is workmanship. It is important to engage leadworkers who are highly skilled in lead welding and bossing and they have a good understanding of the rules of good leadwork design.

Leaking leadwork is one of the most common causes of Dry Rot in traditional buildings.

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window box

Sundial before GildingSundial after Gilding

Sundial Before and after Gilding


.......Tim is a skilled craftsman who uses the best materials,coupled with an attention to detail and a pride in his work, which results in a most impressive finished product......................................... more

When looking for a traditional leadwork plumber, the work has to speak for itself and I have been fortunate to have found one of the best. I have known and happily employed the services of Rutland Leadwork for the last three years in my capacity as a Chartered Building Surveyor and when working on a Grade 1 listed building it is essential to have someone who knows what they are doing.................. more


All aspects of roofing leadwork ,hoppers and ornamental leadwork and plumbing undertaken
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